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Why Donate to the SVRC Foundation?

Help us by donating to SVRC Industries, Inc. 


Your donation will: 


Activities and Program Fund 

  • Funds will be used directly to support programs and recreational activities for individual with disabilities. 


Community Development Fund 

  • Assist SVRC in creating projects like the SVRC Marketplace to create employment and small business opportunities. 


Disability Advocacy Fund 

  • Assist in helping people with disabilities advocate for their rights and freedoms. 


Housing Fund 

  • Assists in housing developments like Joan Manley Wolf Apartment or Barnard Transitional Apts for people with disabilities and senior citizens.  


Thank you for your support! 

We address the mission by... 

• Recognizing that challenges of our customers have the highest priority. 

• Educating the public about barriers for persons with disabilities to employment and community access. 

• Advocating for solutions to disability and rehabilitation issues. 

• Forming partnerships with other organizations and businesses to maximize our effectiveness. 

• Concentrating our resources to have the greatest impact. 

• Delivering services that reflect the values of our customers and the citizens in the communities we serve. 

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