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Back in 1962, a group of parents of children with disabilities gathered in a garage. Fueled by love and determination, they asked,

"Imagine what would be possible if we could create meaningful opportunities for our children?"


Today, SVRC Industries stands as a testament to that question, a legacy of empowerment and inclusion that has transformed lives.

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At the core of SVRC Industries lies the Empowered Voices initiative, fostering community, connection, and job-readiness skills for individuals with disabilities.

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SVRC's Industrial Operations excels in delivering impeccable Industrial Services.


The majority of our dedicated staff are people with disabilities, and we specialize in packaging, light precision assembly, quality sorting, material management, and pick and pack operations. 

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SVRC Janitorial Services offers exceptional cleaning solutions.


The majority of our team comprises individuals with disabilities. Our legacy is one of inclusivity, environmental consciousness, and dedication to cleaner spaces and brighter futures.

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As a part of SVRC, Westlund Guidance Clinic offers comprehensive mental health services aimed at improving well-being and addressing various challenges related to mental health and emotional wellness.

Discover the iconic SVRC Marketplace – a vibrant community hub nestled along Saginaw's riverfront. Explore an array of artisanal crafts, local delicacies, and diverse goods that embody the essence of Saginaw's community spirit. The Marketplace brings together local entrepreneurship and global influences in a celebration of community integration and innovation.

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