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SVRC Industries, Inc. through economic development activities, creates and sustains opportunities and supports to empower persons at risk or with barriers to employment and community access.

SVRC Industries has a profound history rooted in its founding in 1962, when parents of individuals with disabilities united to establish work activities that would benefit their children. As time passed, SVRC's commitment to aiding individuals with disabilities has flourished, leading to the expansion of its services and infrastructure.

SVRC Industries began offering rehabilitation services from its inception. Established by parents of individuals with disabilities with the intention of creating work activities and vocational opportunities for their sons and daughters. This initiative to support and rehabilitate individuals with disabilities was present right from the start, and it laid the foundation for SVRC's ongoing commitment to providing meaningful employment, vocational rehabilitation, and support services to people with disabilities.


By 1968, SVRC had outgrown its initial space and relocated to a larger facility at 1730 Hess. The momentum of progress persisted, and in 1982, construction commenced on a state-of-the-art facility located at 919 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. This site presently houses both the headquarters for Janitorial Services and the heart of the Industrial Operations.

In a significant leap forward, SVRC embarked on redevelopment ventures in 2014. The acquisition of the former Saginaw News building marked a milestone, showcasing the organization's dedication to creating future employment avenues. This endeavor harmonized seamlessly with the establishment of the SVRC Marketplace in 2018, situated along the picturesque riverfront of Saginaw. The SVRC Marketplace stands as a testament to SVRC's commitment to community integration by providing a centralized space that merged a variety of services and offerings.

Concurrently, SVRC Industries welcomed Westlund Guidance Clinic into its fold, bolstering its ability to offer comprehensive mental health services. Throughout its extensive journey, SVRC Industries has consistently upheld its mission of providing meaningful employment opportunities and unwavering support to individuals with disabilities. By fostering active engagement and contributions within the community, SVRC Industries has demonstrated a legacy of empowerment and inclusivity.

SVRC Industries encompasses a dynamic array of programs dedicated to making a positive impact:

SVRC EmpoweredVoices

SVRC Janitorial Services

SVRC Industrial Operations

SVRC Marketplace

Westlund Guidance Clinic

This collective effort harmoniously fuses for-profit initiatives with the spirit of nonprofit endeavors, all united by a common mission: to empower individuals with disabilities and barriers.


Berry Headshot.jpg
Denise M. Berry
President / CEO
Yolanda Bellinger
Chief Clinical Officer
Andrew Klaczkiewicz
Chief Information Security Officer
Jayne Roth
Leadeship and Board

SVRC Industries Board of Directors

Danielle Marsrow, Chairperson

Amy Mikolaiczik, Vice Chairperson

Greg Mair, Secretary / Treasurer


Gilberto Guevara, Ex-Officio

Charleen Boland

John Dunn

Elissa Gagne

Jimmy Greene

Brian Keeler

Shelly Norris

Martha Shelton

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