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Volunteer Your Time

Are you searching for a unique and enjoyable way to give back to your community? Look no further! We have an exciting volunteer opportunity that will not only make a positive impact but also leave you with lasting memories.

SVRC Empowered Voices  - primary.png
SVRC Empowered Voices  - primary.png

​Become an Empowered Voices Party Planner

Throughout the year, SVRC plans a few parties for Empowered Voices program participants, around 80 adults with disabilities, and could use your help making these celebrations possible.

Cookie Decorating Party: Get creative by planning a cookie decorating party and working alongside SVRC staff. When you volunteer, you will plan on bringing cookie decorating supplies for Empowered Voices program participants and assist them in decorating delicious cookies.

Christmas Party: Help plan a magical Christmas party filled with music, dancing, and festive activities. Volunteers are needed to help plan, set up, and assist during the event. You'll also contribute by providing food items like pizza, chips, and cookies. Be part of the holiday spirit and make this Christmas special for Empowered Voices program participants.

Spring Picnic: Embrace the outdoors with Empowered Voices as you plan a delightful spring picnic. Your volunteer role involves setting up and organizing outdoor games, music, and picnic supplies.

Summer BBQ: Collaborate with Empowered Voices to organize a sizzling summer BBQ party. As a volunteer, you will help plan, prepare, and provide BBQ supplies.

Halloween: Transform SVRC into a spooky realm for a thrilling Halloween party. When you volunteer to help plan this event, you'll work with SVRC staff to create something spooktacular and ensure our participants have a hauntingly good time.

How to Volunteer and Contribute:

If you're ready to make a meaningful impact and be part of these exciting events, please fill out this form to volunteer.  We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and skill sets.

Additionally, any contributions to enhance our parties are greatly appreciated. If you or someone you know can provide services such as DJing, set up a photo booth, or contributing bingo prizes for any occasion, including holidays, your support will help make these events even more special. Your generosity can bring added joy and create unforgettable moments for Empowered Voices program participants.

Your involvement and contributions, big or small, will make a significant difference in the lives of our program participants. We can't wait to have you on board, creating unforgettable moments and spreading joy together!

Party Decorations
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